Midwestern Musings

Just trying to appreciate the little moments in life

My name is Julia, and I’m a young writer who has always been too afraid to publish their own writing, until now. I love writing short stories, travel entries, poetry, journalistic articles, environmental essays and other various ideas.

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Reflections on our loveless love

I ordered my plan-b on go-puff.  I got the cheaper plan-b, the off-brand one, even though I was making you pay for it. I ordered it off my phone, along with a microwave mac and cheese dinner, and laid alone on the bed you fucked me on the night before. Alone, I noted on the […]


Their ephemeral delicacy makes them glow like stars in the wandering breeze. Her arm doesn’t wave as high as it used to— arthritis claiming the freedom of her limbs. But she waves the bubble-gum pink wand slowly back and forth across the sky, painting the world with sweet, soapy bubbles. It’s been 25 years since […]

I can’t say no

A hospital waiting room full of silent sickness — a sour, curdled space.  Meaningless sex.  Distrustful, hesitant, weary breaths hang in-between careless caresses. I’m aware that if I breathe in too deep, our slinking loneliness and desperation might curdle me too. So I become the bed the sweaty sheets wrapping  over your desolate thighs.  I […]

Passive intimacy

I first walked past the apple core during a dreary morning way to work.  The core of a bright fuji apple looking artificial  on the edge of a dull concrete bridge  scattered with trash.  Days passed the core slowly wilting.  A body without a burial amidst littered humanity. regardless of  brittle winter new england weather  […]


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