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I’m a spicy chicken sandwich with a side of bleu cheese

My name is Julia, and I’m a young writer who has always been too afraid to publish their own writing, until now. I love writing short stories, travel entries, poetry, journalistic articles, environmental essays and other various ideas.

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The gardener

Parietal, occipital and frontal lobe fused together —a big green waxy watermelon head. A mandible and maxilla connected by corn, golden glistening teeth that roll his mouth every time he laughs. He cries bright-red strawberry tears  when he finds a pumpkin crushed by hungry deer, or radish leaves nibbled on by curious rabbits, or tomato […]

City hikes

In Missoula, Montana, you can drive 20 minutes in any direction and arrive at a mountainside woven with dirt trails and pine trees; a tapestry that holds promises of mystery and exploration around every curved stitch.  As a high schooler I spent hours walking through these mountains. I could watch the seasons go by through […]


I stare at the trees, watching them sway. And yet, I search closer; the way the branches fold in the shadows, the pine needles bending, melding to the wind. And yet, I search closer; closer, closer, impossibly closer, to the mitosis of our cells dividing, all at once beautiful and tragic.

Black boy joy

lying on our backs, staring at the sunset caught in-between bricks, we pass a joint, soggy from our lips, the acrid taste of backwoods leaving burnt echoes in our lungs. Down the hill a few men have gathered around in a circle, playing with the hip-hop beats bouncing from their speaker. Freestyle rapping. I look […]


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